Advancing and Promoting the Dairy Goat

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The mission of the Maryland Dairy Goat Association is primarily to promote the dairy goat by partnering with the American
Dairy Goat Association to offer sanctioned dairy goat shows in our state.
We also focus on educational programs that we sponsor or are sponsored by other organizations in the dairy goat
These events provide youth and adult breeders an opportunity to gain knowledge that will help them improve the health of
their dairy goats, their breeding programs and their showmanship skills.

**Members, please read the revised 2024 version of the constitution and By-Laws below. **
This version will take effect February 6th, 2024 if there are no objections.

MDGA Constituion and By-Laws

Annual Membership Dues:     

 Family - $20 (two votes, same household)

    Single - $15 (one vote)         
    Junior - $5 (no vote)
   Send funds to:


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President: Audrey Reith
248 W. Avondale Rd., West Grove,
PA  19390

(484) 986-7895

Vice President:
 Jane Bailey
2408 Peters Corner Road
               Marydel, MD  21649-1229

 Secretary: Larisa Sult
Rockville, MD

Laurie Gill
22300 Fitzgerald Drive

Laytonsville, MD 20882

Editor: Carissa Schneider
Fairplay, MD