National Show 2016
Updated July 11, 2016

July 2-9, 2016
Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Harrisburg 2016
A Star-Spangled Spectacular
ADGA National Show
July 2-9, 2016
Pennsylvania Farm Show
Complex & Expo Center
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

($25 Donation)

Don Marston, Marston's Dairy Goats
Logan Meyer, Freedom Star Farm
Michelle Liga, Slice of Almost Heaven
John & Cathy Johnson, Menagerie Farm

($50 Donation)

Anita Beck, Sweet Garden Goats
NFR Nigerian Goats - The Merritt Girls
Sharon Stoneberger, Nauvoo Farms, LLC
Diann & Becky Perhach, Blue Sage Farm
Mike & Pam Spencer, Weymouth Farm Nubians
Chuck Campbell & Sarah York, Moores Pond Farm
Ellen Gould, Sisters Three Farm
LaNell Lindell, White Oak Bend
Cheralee Stover, The Stover Homestead
Linda Campbell, Khimaira Farm
Oldesouth Farms
Barb Zumwalde, B's Whisper Whispering Winds Farm
Lynn Mangle, Mountain Minis Soaps and Goats
Carissa Schneider, Sunny Daze Farm
Kristin Hammock, Hammock Haven LaManchas

Friends of Harrisburg
($100 to $349 Donation)

Elizabeth Lloyd, Tiny Town Goats
Mary Fox, Fox's Pride Dairy Goats
Stacy & Myra Hamlin, Hardwicke Farm
Kathy, Cayley & Jana Plutnick, Dreahook
Kristin & Chris Blasko
Lori Yeske, Lady Walkers Farm
Central New York Dairy Goat Society

Bronze Sponsors

($500 to $999)

John and Kathy Lyons
Piedmont Dairy Goat Association
New York State Dairy Goat
Breeders Association
Belle Mead Co-op